It’s Scorpio Season and I’m releasing my new custom blend of Scorpion Oil and Scorpion Powder. Invoke the power of the Scorpion in your workings. This is ideal for hexing, compelling and even protection work. Use this to dress candles, petitions or add to mojo bags. Think of what the Scorpion can do for all your magickal workings. These can be used separately or together for a more powerful sting.


Scorpion Oil $18.00

Scorpion Powder (2 sizes available) Large $11.00 Small $7.00

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Lucky Rabbits Foot with Van Van Oil

rabbitsfoot.jpgWanna get lucky? Lucky Rabbits Foot with a vial of B. Devine’s custom blend of Van Van Oil. Rabbits feet are one of the oldest known good luck charms. It is said that to activate the rabbits foot anoint it with the included Van Van oil and watch your luck change. 

Price: $10.00

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vanvan.jpg1oz Bottle of B. Devine’s custom blend of Van Van Oil. It is used to anoint candles, talismans, mojo bags, Lodestones, as well as used in floor washes. It is intended for spiritual cleansing, to provide magickal defense, change bad luck to good, road opening, and can draw love. All around magickal oil to have in your tool chest.

Price: $15.00

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These are dried Scorpions that can be used in your hoodoo workings, such as in hexing, cursing and protection work. These can also be ground up for use.  These are available in 2 sizes Large and Small.


$8.00 for Large

$4.00 for Small.

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evil eye blend.jpgEvil Eye Oil and Evil Eye Herb Blend (sold separately) This is used to protect you from the evil eye. Helps deflect and shield against negativity. All ingrediants in this blend work together to create a strong protection, cleansing, and helps to move any negative energy out of your space. You can use this at home or anoint petitions and candles with it.


Oil $15.00

Herb Blend $7.00

Email me at to purchase.