Change Is Good

Funny how just a year, just 365 days, can make a difference in your life. Be it the good, the bad, the highs, the lows…all of that brought me to today. Right here, right now!! Alot has changed. I have changed. And I know even more changes are ahead of us. But change is good…and I’m soo ready for whatever is thrown my way next!

A lot of my life I fought the change because I was comfortable. Im tired of being comfortable…I want more. I deserve more.

What about you? Are you ready to embrace change?

Sit with that word today. CHANGE.

What areas of your life do you want to change? Where are you tired of playing small? Where can you use a new beginning? What part of your journey do you want to keep getting better and better?

Mantra for today: Change is good!

As my mom said yesterday…To new beginnings! Cheers my pretties! ☕🦋🖤🙏🏼

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