Ritual Candle Services

Ritual candles can be dressed with the proper herbs, oils, and crystals for your specific intent!

Ritual candles help bring in the desired outcome you would like to have. 😉

These are all spiritually prepped and prayed over by me to help you. You then set the intent yourself and let the magic happen.

Always remember to never blow out a ritual candle. As the intent you set is blown away. 🥺 We don’t want that. Snuff them out with a candle snuffer or a small dish to extinguish the flame.

Upon relighting, re-set your intent and the magical working will continue.

Always burn it down completely. And please, please, please always practice proper fire safety.

Once completed you may send me pictures of your finished candle and I will read the candle for you. Not necessary, but it’s an added service I enjoy doing for my clients. 🕯

Please message me if you would like more info on my ritual candle service.

I also can do ritual candle services for you on my own personal altars. You may inquire about that service too via messenger.

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