Know Your “Healer”

Spiritual Predators

What and who are they?

Spiritual Predators prey on the vulnerable, through the ignorance of their students, people trying to genuinely heal, or from the adoration they get from leading a group of followers. A lot of times they bank on you believing they are doing their best with good intentions, when in fact they aren’t living the life they portray at all. 😒

They lurk in Spiritual places, groups, organizations, shops, or hold classes to all find their next prey. Don’t be fooled…they aren’t healed themselves.

They haven’t done the healing work, they aren’t living in alignment with what they “preach” & “teach”. This right hear screams volumes!! Sadly, some of us know the truth.

There are ”healers” who want to genuinely help you…and than there are “healers” who only genuinely want to help their pocketbooks. Know the difference.

I’ve been personally victimized by spiritual predators in the past and know all too well their tactics to get what they desire.

Read that again.

I said to get what THEY desire. It was never to help me or the others sitting in their classes.

Only to help themselves.

It’s sad that I had to write a blog post about this same exact problem a few years ago…😒

I write this again because I’m getting more and more people coming to me who have been victimized themselves.

Please do your research on who you allow to enter your space. Your energy.

Always vet your practitioners. This is why I always like to do a consult call with people. This not only gives me the opportunity to see how I can best serve the client, but also gives the client a better feel if I’m the practitioner for them.

With all that said: This is my vow to always be in ethical alignment for ALL our highest good.

To not only lead by example, but also be in proper alignment with the work I do share with you.

Meaning I have done the work.

I have the proper education and life experiences to lead and serve you as the client with heart based healing, love, right intention and non-judgement.

Know your healer. 🕯

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